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    Elements Collective.

    Representing Hip Hop Culture.

    All cultures. Teaching. Learning. Including.

    Find them at their studio in Fortitude Valley or performing near you.

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    David and Karen love Rock ‘n roll, Rockabilly, Swing music, hot rods, custom cars and classic vehicles.

    God bless Cooly Rocks On for catering for their every need.

    David parks his beautiful hot pink Ford Galaxy next to two mates early in the morning in order to soak up the two kms of a superior time.

    I feel sorry for the kids today that think they can dance. Everyone that took to the floor did so with so much grace; they did justice to the amazing sounds of the day.

    Thank you to David and Karen for introducing me to such an amazing event. Rock n Roll is here to stay.

    Highly recommended!

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    The beautiful Brianna Carpenter launched her 2nd album “On So It Goes” at the Old Museum last weekend.

    It’s a gorgeous mix of songs that showcase this woman’s remarkable talent.

    We got to meet her and her band, and had a quick chat before the show.

    She told us the story of the album; that it’s been a labour of love. It’s been totally DIY, all written, arranged, produced, recorded, engineered by Brianna at her home studio over the past year. 

    In addition to that, she and her lovely husband have worked on the cover art, design, merchandising, starting a record label, building a website… you name it, and this incredible team made it happen, including pulling this show together.

    The trick, she tells me, is to have a plan. I’m guessing it’s a pretty detailed one, because not only is the album gorgeous, but the presentation of the room, the merchandise that she says she wanted to be something she herself would like to wear, and the obvious camaraderie of the band speak of a diligent attention to detail.

    It had always been a goal for Brianna to perform in a room like the Old Museum with a string quartet. Check that one off the list! 

    They give a wonderful performance, well received by the audience, and doing justice to the beauty of both the venue and Brianna’s songs.

    What’s next for Brianna Carpenter? Another labour of love, which will start after performing at the Teneriffe festival and having a break.

  4. Raygun Mortlock
    Mary Maralyn Muskstick Middle
    Raygun Mortlock


    Every year Mary Maralyn Muskstick Middle fires up Lismore for Mazstock, hosted this year at the Lismore Bowlo (or, if you want to be more formal, the Lismore City Bowling Club).

    If you’re into the punk/rock scene in any way, shape or form, you really need to get there at least once in your life to experience the ensuing madness of it all.

    Every act played their hearts out! Highlights included well, everyone: Sixfthick, Raygun Mortlock, Public Execution, Hell Crab City, Fat… Northern NSW’s finest, really.

    Set of the night had to go to HITS, especially when they turned off all the lights to play a thundering version of Joy Division’s Shadowplay.

    Rock is here to stay.

  5. MV Epicure

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    The Underdog: Friday 9th May 2014

    The reason: HITS CD launch party

    The vibe: energetic

    The music: loud

    The crowd: sweaty

    The Dead Wolves: old school punk, straight from the Iggy and the Stooges school of mayhem

    The Bittersweet Kicks: swaggering, hot riffs, nudity, more swaggering, a little bit of flailing, and serious awesome

    The main event: HITS. My god! Incredible. Evil Dick, leopard-print frocks, sailor hats, duelling guitars, tributes to absent friends, fedoras lost and found, the most energetic mosh these old eyes have seen in years.

    The verdict: very very impressed


  7. Another perfect performance by Australia’s best live band. Hope to see you round home a bit more often Cut Copy.

  8. Amazing gig @theriverstage last night. Best show of the year from @blissneso.

  9. Haven’t been to see Sixfthick? Please do!

  10. Best music read around. Cool pics too. Feedback welcome.http://issuu.com/randygpowermouth/docs/mouthzoff__13